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Artist Tracks on Carpet

Artist Tracks on Carpet

All carpets express the internality of the weaver in the best way. Every aspect of these internalities shows their traces in weaving. When all the documents from historical archives are examined, it is seen that products that combine functionality with aesthetics. In this context, each of them has a mystical, philosophical and artistic dimension and a metaphysical understanding. This has always changed the perspective to them in a positive sense. Carpets and kilims are products that reflect the memory of a period in the best way. At the beginning of the document, the carpet designer, the artist personality, emotion, thought, imagination has revealed the best way. He has always exercised mental and physical effort to do so.

While the emotions are transferred to the colors with the lines in carpets and rugs, an important spirituality effort is put forward. In this respect, the carpet weaving her in the society; it reflects the cultural level, aesthetic values, economic and commercial dimensions to some extent and has become a trace of the years. The artists performing the art of weaving have transferred their cultural and commercial heritage to the present day. This is an important and valuable effort. Because nowadays, many issues have come to light. The value of carpets and kilims in terms of antique is also increasing day by day.

The motifs in the carpets and rugs are not only a work of art but also the most beautiful symbol of a socio-cultural life of a feeling. In this context, the most common term is the increase in the value of book pages and historical documents in which social history is expressed. Research shows that historical carpets shed light on many issues.

The motifs, figures, symbols and shapes in the carpets clearly reveal that they are the products of the minds and attitudes at a certain point in history. Carpets are beautifully expressed in various sources where only motifs do not have a place spread. The carpets in the handicrafts are the best way to express the memory of a period with each motif. The motifs applied to woven carpets transfer the events of that period and the culture of that period to the loops. Therefore, traditional weaving of carpet and rug culture in weaving is required. Otherwise, it will disappear rapidly.