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From Traditional Carpet to Contemporary Carpet ....

From Traditional Carpet to Contemporary Carpet ....

The effects of traditional carpets and rugs on contemporary carpet have been the beginning of an important activity. Carpet, has an important place in the textile arts, has continued to develop with humanity for centuries, the past has moved to the present and in a sense shed light on history.

The carpet, which is an extension of the nomadic culture, has woven in different geographies and has the name of the region where it touches, with its distinctive features such as motif, material, color and composition.

While the carpet has taken the cultural characteristics of the region it touched, it has also made intercultural interactions and gave examples of extraordinary art with its own language.

The richness of traditional carpet weaving is based on solid foundations to inspire contemporary art of carpeting. Nowadays, with the opportunities provided by technology, it has been instrumental in combining the past and future with an innovative understanding. Thus, while preserving cultural values, the identity of separators has also been formed.

In recent years, it is possible to see traditional techniques and motifs in contemporary carpet designs in carpet design applications. In fact, the transformation from traditional carpet to contemporary carpet is an adventure of rug from past to present. This shows us the effect of tradition on contemporary designs.

Today, one of the best examples of traditional carpets is the traditional patterns that are only touched by natural dye and pure wool. In this way, traditional carpets are touched by preserving their artistic characteristics as well as their commercial dimensions without any change.

Traditional carpet weaving has a great impact on contemporary carpet. Nowadays, artists have gained new interpretations of the carpet by using original motifs, colors and techniques from the past in their designs. In this way, carpet has an important place in contemporary textile arts.

Recently, great importance has been given to traditional values ​​in contemporary art. In this context, cultural values ​​have come to the forefront and carpet weaving has taken its place in contemporary art.

Carpet designs made by textile artists affected by traditional carpet are exhibited in many national and international events. In this case, it shows the value of carpet as a work of art and the effect of traditional carpet weaving on contemporary carpet.